3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sperm Count

Ideal amount of sperm count on menThe issue of low sperm count has become popular nowadays. In fact, a research conducted revealed that the sperm count for men in western countries has declined precipitously by approximately 60% since 1973. But wait, does this mean that only the men from the western countries have fallen victims? Definitely, that’s a big no. The fact is that this has proven to be a major concern in all the corners of the world. Now the question comes- what is the major cause of the great decline in the sperm count? Well, there could be many causes. However, a good number of studies have revealed lifestyle as the major culprit affecting the men’s fertility. Just before we continue, let us first understand why we are saying that low sperm count affects the fertility. We all know that it only requires one sperm and an ovum for fertilization to take place, right? Then, why are we bringing in the issue of sperm count? The answer is pretty simple, its because a larger sperm count increases the probability of successful pregnancy. So, how can one increase the sperm count? You don’t need to ask yourself that, just read this!


This reminds me of the early primary school days when we had a P.E lesson. Actually, body exercise is something we have heard most people emphasize on since we were little children. So, how does it increase the sperm count? This can be explained from different perspectives. First, it helps you overcome stress. Stress raises the level of the cortisol hormone in the body. High levels of cortisol negatively affect the testosterone, a male hormone controls the production of sperms. Secondly, physical exercise helps to prevent diseases such as obesity and diabetes. We all know the impact of these diseases on the sperm count. Moreover, the outdoor workouts expose you to sunlight, a major source of vitamin D which boosts the testosterone levels.


As aforementioned, poor lifestyle is the major cause of the decline in the sperm count for the last 40 years. The food you eat plays a part in defining your lifestyle. Scientists have it that you can control your sperm level by through what you eat. Consider taking food rich in Vitamin C, folate acid, Vitamin E and zinc micro-nutrients. So, how do these micro-nutrients work in boosting fertility? Let us take zinc as an example- a nutrient found in meat, fish, and eggs. This nutrient helps increase the levels of testosterone in the body. In fact, this may not be adequate to explain how this nutrient works. A report based on findings revealed that men who have a problem with conceiving can boost their sperm count by up to 74% simply by taking a combination of zinc supplements and folic acid. Still, you should consider incorporating the red foods (such as tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, and peppers) into your diet. A report by Ohio Cleveland Clinic revealed that these foods have an essential nutrient called lycopene which helps to increase the quality and mobility of sperm and boosts the sperm count by up to 70%.

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Here I simply mean that you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and any other form of drug abuse. Let’s see how each of these affects the sperm count. Let’s start with smoking weed. Although Marijuana is associated with a few health benefits, unfortunately, this does not apply in the case of sperm count. Marijuana, or weed, or whatever name you call it, contains cannabinoid compounds. When these cannabinoid compounds latch onto the testes’ cells or onto the sperm cells, it decreases their functioning which results in low sperm count and impotence. In the case of drug abuse, let us take cocaine as an example. This drug narrows the blood vessels which leads to a decrease in the blood going to the testicles. This leads to inadequate oxygen supply to the testicles which makes them inactive hence low sperm count.


According to Paco Penne, the fact remains that a poor lifestyle is a major cause of low sperm count. Therefore, if you are interested in boosting your sperm count, modifying your lifestyle should be the starting point. A good number of scientists have recommended physical exercise, proper diet and avoiding substance abuse as major ways of boosting the sperm count.

Does the Penis Really Gets Bigger? Truth or Not

big-dick-1238715_640Most men in the world desire to have a bigger penis. Some of them know how to take initiative to do so, while others hesitate.

Those who have a small penis always wondered: “can my penis really get bigger”?

The answer for them is Yes. The penis can be made bigger & it is not a myth, but only if you know the right methods.

Here’s what does NOT work:

* Penis enlargement pills have no scientific basis. They cannot enlarge your penis. Maybe they can give you slightly better erections, but that’s about all. You will see no real results from penis pills. They’re just a scam started by very dishonest people who are willing to profit off the pain of others. And don’t you think that a penis enlargement pill that really works would have been all over the news already.

* Penis pumps are another gimmick. They’re kinda on the right track in that they try to use physical methods rather than chemical, but they’re still barking up the wrong tree. The expansion that you see from a penis pump is from temporary fluid build up. It’s got nothing to do with how the penis really works. When you get an erection, special chambers in the penis fills with blood fluid doesn’t just get trapped between the layers of skin like with what the pumps do. Pumps don’t work.

Here’s what does work:

* Penis exercises are based on what tissue type the penis is made of and how it actually works. They either stretch the connective tissue in the penis, or they force more blood into the chambers or both, which in turn changes size of penis. This produces real length and thickness increases that become permanent over time – in both the erect and flaccid states. The best thing is that they also improve your penis health.

One of the good example for this is Jelqing. It should be done 5-10 minutes per day, for at least 5 days out of the week. Drastic results can be seen in 3 months. It seems like a long time, but it is worth a try instead of feeling undersized for a lifetime.

What happens is these enlargement exercises cause the chambers in our penis to expand, which in turn makes it bigger. The exercises start pretty simple and get more advanced as they are mastered. In addition to this, start exercising your PC muscles which control ejaculation. As you will strengthen your PC muscles, it will start gaining more and more control over ejaculation.

Within six months you will notice a change in length and girth of your penis. This isn’t an overnight solution, but neither is anything else out there. It is highly recommended for those who have a few minutes per day that they can spare towards exercising.

* Penis extenders do exactly what some of the best penis exercises do, but with much more control. They also leave your hands free, so you can sit and watch TV or even get some work done while your penis is stretched into a position where it just has to grow. It’s important to realize that there are good and bad extenders. You need to find a medical-grade device that has actually been medically proven to work.