Best Way to Suck a Girl’s Clit

oral-sex-1238553_640First let’s get one thing out of the way-there is nothing wrong with giving head-except, maybe, if you are no good at it all, which pretty much counts most men in that number. There are two laws, as unchanging as death:

· Women, absolutely, love receiving oral sex!

· Most men don’t have a clue about giving head!

You don’t have to be Einstein to see the divide. Men have a skill to learn-fast! Why? Because, if a lady runs into a guy who can fuck well, AND give good head, she will follow him to the very ends of the Earth and beyond. This is truth on the same level as scientific fact-it’s practically dogma!

It’s really sad that most men grow up completely oblivious to the power of their mouths (and their tongue!), using it for pretty much only eating food and talking.

The fact is the first time guys try to give oral sex, suck a girl’s clit or go down, they almost always tank! They don’t have a clue; their teeth are everywhere…. The less said about such experiences the better. A huge part of giving head is knowing what to do with the clitoris. The clitoris is a veritable power house of nerve endings, one that is largely ignored by guys during sex.

This is unfortunate, and you know why? Because, a study showed that up to 75% of women cannot have orgasms without some form of clitoral stimulation. This means that if you are used to ignoring that little triangle at the mouth of her area, there is a high chance that you are taking your pleasure on your own, and not with her. She may love you enough to fake it, but you should know that you are not returning the love by giving her pleasure; the sort of pleasure that makes her pull her hair, look up at you with a confused look in her eyes and makes her silently wonder in awe where you have been all her life.

That said, if you want to change all that; if you want to start playing your role as the primary pleasure giver, you can follow this tips that outline the best ways to suck a girl’s clit.

1. Don’t go straight for the clitoris: Somebody has to say it, so it can stop. There is a need to build the tension. Don’t cut to the chase at the very beginning. Blow a wisp of your warm breath over her lips first, kiss and lick the lips; build the tension necessary to make her arc her back inwards and beg. Tease some more, so she can beg some more.

2. Suck and nibble on it: When you go after the clitoris (after she starts practically jumping up and down on your face), go after the glans or the tip of the clitoris first. Lightly suck on it to get things going. Do a little nibbling as well; this stimulates the plethora of nerve endings to be found there. A good way to go about nibbling is to place the tip of your teeth against the glans so that she can rub against it, which she will due to the all the dynamite you are setting off in her brain.

3. Concentrate on the shaft of the clit: Sucking on the tip is great for starters, but what brings her to orgasm is what you do to the whole of her clit. The clit is a four inch long shaft that stretches inwards. When she is at the height of pleasure from you sucking and nibbling down on her clit, thrust your finger to either side of her clitoris. Pull and push the clitoral hood across and around the clitoris, moving in circles and in a generally unpredictable manner in order to add to her pleasure and confusion. Keep your finger dangerously close to, but not on the clitoris itself as you do this for even more heightened pleasure. To thrust her into orgasmic heaven, try to maintain a consistent and steady rhythm.

4. Don’t stop there: You’re not finished yet; when she is in the throes of orgasm, amplify her sensations some more: make your mouth into an O shape, and take her clitoris into your mouth, and then clamp down on the clitoris and hum. The warm, wet vibrations will take her orgasms to places she thought only existed in myths and fairy tales.

Following this easy four step guide will take you from being a total amateur to being a sex god in no time flat!

Best Way to Turn a Girl On and Make Her Horny

sexy-horny-1263068_640As it has been proven, it takes very little from a girl to stimulate a man and make him very horny. On the other hand, women need a lot of stimulation in order to get horny, even though most women think that it is simple for dudes to make them horny. If you are reading this article, it is most probably because you have tried severally to make a woman very horny to no avail. At times, you may have even asked yourself, “What does it take to make a woman horny?” Well, this is exactly what this article will show you, with methods that have been tested regularly by other dudes around the globe.

These methods include:

1. Giving her compliments

As you will find out, every woman dresses up in order to look good. A compliment, on the other hand, helps you to get close to her as she feels really appreciated and cared for as a woman. However, you need to ensure that you do not compliment her in a way that suggests that you are doing it, expecting to take her to bed.

2. Leading her to speak dirty

Women are delicate creatures and many people would say and hence for some women to openly discuss sex, it becomes a huge issue to them. You can, however, slowly lead her to discuss sex issues and talking dirty. This means that you do not have to be too straight forward if you really want to engage her in the conversation.

Though the dirty talk will mostly turn her on, you also need to know not only what to say to her but also how to say it and when. This means handling this situation with a lot of care and also making your voice very romantic for her as you talk. According to research, it is known that women are mostly turned on by a masculine, deep and a soft voice. You also need to talk very slowly to allow the flow of information to be very smooth and also to give her time to think about naughty things as you talk.

3. Whisper in her ears

The idea behind talking in this manner to her is that it allows you to be really close to her and at the same time, saying something naughty to her. In some cases, most women will find this to be very romantic, which is also good for you.

4. Touch her gently

As you flirt with her, you can now touch her gently, in less sensitive places, and go ahead to more sensitive places, if she welcomes your initial advances. You, however, need to be very careful as you can really turn of a lady if you touch her in a sensitive place.

5. Kiss her

If you flirt and touch a lady in the right manner without her complaining about any of it, then you can slowly get her to kiss you where you need to do it with a lot of passion. This is because passion is a part of romance which really turn -on a lady even without being in a relationship with her.